January 2022 Pop Pack: Beauty and the Bones

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“Beauty and the Bones” is our Pop theme for January! As the new year dawns, it’s time to look back on the circular nature of life, the beauty in endings, and the rebirth of beauty. (And okay, also because we love skulls and getting a little spooky all year long!) 🥀💀🌱

🌳 Explore the symmetry of life and death with @_studio_ao ‘s hauntingly beautiful designs. The circle of life is a cold embrace, but an embrace nonetheless.

💀 Sometimes spooky is also beautiful, and @daphnasebbane is giving us total afterlife chic here! Skulls covered in flowers are always a look.

🤟 There’s love and then there’s love; rare as a flower in winter, and sweet as the finest summer rose. Join @ungfio to celebrate the love that never dies, even long after physical forms have withered away.

🪴These skellies by @kimbeckerdesign hang out in their little rooms and play their little games, content in the sweet mundanities in the afterlife. Some of them have even taken to raising succulents…

🐈‍⬛ Where @behemot_crta_stvari ‘s demons, kitties and skulls are, mischief is never far behind! They’ll show you there’s more the afterlife than anyone bargained for.

🥀Flowers are beautiful, but sometimes they are also death themselves. @xxpetrichorxx ‘s faceless woman certainly knows her way around a poisonous garden. Judging by her collection of potent blooms and skulls, what was once a hobby seems to have gotten a bit out of hand.

Customer Reviews

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Leah C (Beacon, US)
Perfect Pack

Love every single sheet. More of these types of spooky stickers please!

Kibble (Brockton, US)
Perfect gift!

Got these as a gift for a pal's birthday and they were a hit! It was so satisfying to see these stickers stuck all over their apartment. They are well-loved for sure!

Brittany Young (Eugene, US)
Dark Loveliness!

This pack is totally me and so versatile! Very Victorian goth vibes! I have also used pieces for cat themes, love themes, flower themes...such a great pack and one of my favorites!

Gabrielle Farrell (Excelsior, US)
My Fave Pack Thus Far

This pack was perfectly themed. I loved every aspect of it. Not only is it high quality but there wasn't a single thing in this pack I didn't connect to. I can't wait to use these in my projects! Totally adding a second copy of this pack to my list!

Brenda Mata-Silva (Canyon Country, US)
Spooky vibes

I absolutely love it, one of my faves