September 2021 Vintage Pack: Midnight Hour

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Get ready for old-fashioned creepies with “Midnight Hour,” our Vintage theme for September! 🕯️👻🕸️ Turn down the lights, strike a match for your candles, and take a look at what’s coming up!

🚪 Explore @lizmamont ‘s haunted manor inhabited by ghoulish spirits and ghastly creatures, with guaranteed chills behind every door. Just be sure to watch behind you… who knows what may be following.

🐺 At night, deep in the forest, the animals are sometimes more than what they seem… these spectral and god-like entities by @ariafawnart can only be found in autumn, amidst the pre-dawn fog.

🕯️ These women of candles and blades from @jenyoonart deserve an entire novel written about their love and magic. Perhaps it will be you who writes it? We’ve included a matching notecard in silver foil on black paper -- the perfect place to begin.

☠️ Count down the days to All Hallow’s Eve with @lizmamont ’s stylish apothecary bottles filled with poisons and other vile substances.

🕸️ Are spider webs nature’s stickers? Ponder this and other very important and pressing matters while admiring our silvery spider webs.

Customer Reviews

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Shannon B. (Cleveland, US)
Delightfully spooky

A great mix of classic spooky and alternative vintage spook.

Moria Sexton (Cuenca, EC)

I just love this set.