STICKII Sheets Organizer - Fruit Salad Collection

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Please Note: Sticker sheets are not included in the organizer.

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Delightful and refreshing, we bring you our Fruit Salad Collection!💖 Featuring 5 different designs to choose from, each with a different fruit on the cover, have a taste of our assortment of fresh summer fruits that will add a fun, pop of summer to your sticker collection! Which fruit is your favorite? 🧃 😋 

Each organizer has 24 pages (enough to hold 48 sheets!) and a vegan leather cover embossed with a foiled emblem.

🍑 Peach (Pink) - A favorite summer fruit, this beautiful organizer in a pastel pink color that features a ripe, juicy peach foiled emblem on the cover.

🍈 Melon (Green) - This organizer feels refreshing in a pale green color that features a freshly cut slice of honeydew melon.

🍋 Lemon (Yellow) - In a soft yellow color with a lemon emblem, this organizer will make your collection feel ultra summery!

🫐 Blueberry (Blue) - This blueberry organizer is in the perfect pastel blue that features 5 berries embossed on the front.

🍇 Grape (Lavender) - Get ready for some grape goodness with our lavender colored organizer that features a bunch of grapes on the cover.

Customer Reviews

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MayMay (Wayzata, US)

These are the legit best orginizers and they are easy to store and look good on the shelf. Love them more than the 3 ringed holders. Please bring these organizers back, even if they have a different art or what ever on the front. PLEASE. I need like 15 more of these lol. They are perfect! Thank you.


Beautiful shade of blue. This is ny 7th or 8th of these organizers.They are a beautiful way to display individual sticker sheets from STICKII and to manage them.

Nicole (South Gate, US)

I love them so much! Currently have 2 and wish I would have just bought these first from the get go. If my collection gets out if hand I plan on getting all the colors 💖 or whatever new ones they come up with!


I love these fruit organizers. All of the colors are lovely. My favorite is the peach one as the pink and gold go very well together.


Perfect storage solution!