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2024 June Pop Pack Spoiler

2024 June Pop Pack Spoiler

What’s cute, loyal, full of zoomies, and makes you wanna smoosh them and are not a cat? Doggos! Whether you got these furry besties at home or just appreciate how awesome they are, this June we got a paw-some Pop pack that’s filled with the goodest pups.

🎈🍞 Oh my pugness! What’s better than one super relatable cute pug? TWO super relatable cute pugs! Join @pugliepug’s Puglie and Ollie as they loaf on an actual slice of bread or take a dip in a lava lamp, they’re guaranteed to make any page pugtastic!

🌳🦮 Whether you’re going for walks or just chillin’ together, spending time with dogs is always the best. Who hasn’t snapped 100 pics cause it’s so stinkin’ adorable? @maiden_moose’s stamp set is all about those special moments with our furry BFFs.

✏️🐾 Got a pile of things to do and just can’t remember ‘em all? No worries, this mini notepad to-do list is your new best friend. It’s gonna make ticking off daily tasks a breeze. You know, stuff like walking your fur baby and getting those treats restocked.

🐕💛 You’re corgily invited to hang out with @corgiyolk’s loveable bunch of floofs! They’re our spirit animals as they woof all sorts of treats, from fries to boba tea, and they’re absolute champs when it comes to balancing nap time and playtime.

🐶🍩 In @ito_112’s doggone world, the pups in it are living their best life! They’re chowing down at restaurants and even jetting off on a cosmic journey to a donut-filled planet. Join them for an un-fur-gettable good time.

🍔🍜 It’s lunchtime and @yogurt.pan’s charming puppy merchants run the most popular food spots in town! From Berkeley’s Burgers to Belly Rub Ramen, the choices are simply paw-fect. Which meal do you want to dig into first?

As always, these are just sneak peeks of our packs, the rest is a surprise! And of course, you can sign up to receive 1, 2, or all 3. If you want to make changes to your next renewal, you must do so by the 27th @ 11:59pm ET. You can still sign up for new packs until the 7th @ 11:59pm ET.


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