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January 2024 Pop Pack: La Luna

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“La Luna” is our Pop theme this January! After the sun sets, the mysterious moon illuminates the night sky, high up for all to admire. From the breathtaking beauty of the cosmos to the captivating curiosities that lie beyond, check out this dazzling pack that celebrates one of our favorite beauts!

🌅 Take a trip to the moon with these fantastic sticker stamps by @tektober! In this amazing world, the moon is just a hop away, shining brightly both day and night. These stunning landscapes in hues of pink and blue seamlessly blend fantasy with the splendor of nature.

🌟🌿 After sunset is when the stars truly shine and while we may be asleep, incredible marvels are unfolding. From blooms under the moon to jars of the sparkling night sky, @creativewannabe_’s striking designs are filled with some serious moon magic!

🌕💫 Who hasn’t dreamed of swimming in the celestial cosmos and being surrounded by twinkling stars? Well @cherririi is here to make those dreams come true! This ethereal sticker sheet and postcard set will make your stationery collection sparkle with the power of the moon!

🌲🌒 Not only is the moon beautiful, it’s also absolutely magical. These incredible designs by @kaariandco capture the moon’s connection to everything around us. Get ready to gaze above as you explore the extraordinary marvels that lie within the vast skies.

🌙🐺 Deep within the mystical woodlands, behold these magnificent animals by Did you know that the moon powers way more than just unicorns? Check out all the creatures that are inspired by that lunar magic in this gorgeous set!

Customer Reviews

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Nicole (Decatur, US)
La Luna

I love the sky— the moon, stars, and space especially! I’m pretty sure space stickers are my very favorite! La Luna is a beautiful sticker pack.

Best pack ever

I love everything about this pack! The color scheme, the style, and all the moons are so beautiful. Stamp stickers are my personal favorite, so I was very excited about this pack. On top of all of that, the post cards are simply gorgeous!! Definitely a must have for my collection.