September 2022 Cute Pack: Be My Boo

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Hello friends! The Cute theme in September is “Be My Boo”. No autumn is complete without Halloween and all the fun it brings. This month you’ll find bright pumpkins, mischievous cats, and huggable ghosts, so prepare your trick or treat bag, and get ready to draw some serious costume inspiration!

🐈 Black cats don’t bring bad luck, but they sure bring spooky entertainment. The fluffsters found on @yuyu_dream’s sheet will entertain you as they prepare special potions, or dress up like silly ghosts, and even try to scare you in their witch costumes, whatever they try to do, they simply are too cute to spook us!

👻 Welcome to Boo’s home! This cute ghost by @strawbabery is throwing a sweet party on Halloween night, and you’re invited. The theme will be goodies around the world, so he’ll serve an American burger, a French baguette and even a delicious Japanese ramen. Boo’s squishy cheeks make him irresistibly cute and the best host this fall season. 

🕸️ Pack your bags and prepare for an adventure to hunt some adorable ghosts. On this sheet @ellievsbear will supply the map, the tent and a backpack filled with needed supplies, but you need to bring your adventurous spirit (get it?) to this party. You might find white fluffy Boos or dark hidden ones, but don’t get scared, it’s all spooky fun! 

🍬 This sheet by @eriliselee brings Halloween cuteness a whole new meaning! Meet the adorable and fluffiest companions this autumn who’ll join you on your Trick or Treat walk. What’s more spookii, a cat dressed as a ghost or a cat dressed as a pumpkin? You’ll find this cuteness overload and more on this whimsical sheet. 

🎃 Orange, skulls and pumpkin fun is the theme @shandstudio decided to bring this fall. Mixing spooky skulls dressed up in flower crowns and pumpkins wearing flowers too, you’ll find little Boos hiding in the pumpkin patch ready to jump out at anyone that walks by. But maybe they’re just inviting you to have some pumpkin pie! 🥧

💀 Halloween is around the corner, let’s get ready to have fun! We know this is a spooky looking house, but it’s the best one on the block for some real Trick or Treat fun. It’s filled with lively skeletons and adventure seeking Boos. @marcies_art sheet has a bunch of spooky characters preparing for the spookiest night of all! From flying on a broomstick around the house or tucking themselves to sleep in a coffin, these stickers are a must for the season!

Customer Reviews

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Susanna Morales (San Juan, PR)
So cute I got it twice!

I think this is my favorite set so far. I love the artists and the stickers are just amazing quality. I ended up getting 2.


I loved this kit!!

HM (Waterbury, US)
Beautiful Stickers!

I love being a part of the Stickii monthly club and these Halloween stickers are wonderful! So many different kinds in this pack and you get a cute notepad as well!

CW (San Pedro, US)

I love the variety of textures in this pack! The ice cream ghosties have a lovely, subtle sparkle texture (but not glitter). The art is stunning on all of them— this is my favorite pack so far.

Sara Hollingsworth (Richmond, US)
It Made Me a Subscriber

I saw someone on tiktok do an unboxing and looked up the website. I ended up Ordering this and the vintage one cause I love the cute and spooky vibes. They were so cute, I ended up becoming a subscriber. Love it!