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STICKII Sheets Organizer - Fruit Salad Collection

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Please Note: Sticker sheets are not included in the organizer.

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Delightful and refreshing, we bring you our Fruit Salad Collection!💖 Featuring 5 different designs to choose from, each with a different fruit on the cover, have a taste of our assortment of fresh summer fruits that will add a fun, pop of summer to your sticker collection! Which fruit is your favorite? 🧃 😋 

Each organizer has 24 pages (enough to hold 48 sheets!) and a vegan leather cover embossed with a foiled emblem.

🍑 Peach (Pink) - A favorite summer fruit, this beautiful organizer in a pastel pink color that features a ripe, juicy peach foiled emblem on the cover.

🍈 Melon (Green) - This organizer feels refreshing in a pale green color that features a freshly cut slice of honeydew melon.

🍋 Lemon (Yellow) - In a soft yellow color with a lemon emblem, this organizer will make your collection feel ultra summery!

🫐 Blueberry (Blue) - This blueberry organizer is in the perfect pastel blue that features 5 berries embossed on the front.

🍇 Grape (Lavender) - Get ready for some grape goodness with our lavender colored organizer that features a bunch of grapes on the cover.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Beautiful shade of blue. This is ny 7th or 8th of these organizers.They are a beautiful way to display individual sticker sheets from STICKII and to manage them.

Nicole (South Gate, US)

I love them so much! Currently have 2 and wish I would have just bought these first from the get go. If my collection gets out if hand I plan on getting all the colors 💖 or whatever new ones they come up with!


I love these fruit organizers. All of the colors are lovely. My favorite is the peach one as the pink and gold go very well together.


Perfect storage solution!


Great organizer! It's very sturdy, and it holds a ton of stickers. I love it and highly recommend.