2024 July Vintage Pack Spoiler

2024 July Vintage Pack Spoiler

Crystal Cove is a breathtaking place with pristine blue waters and an atmosphere of serenity. Intriguingly, it’s steeped in ancient lore, depicting mermaids emerging from the deep blue to meet at the cove. Filled with gorgeous mermaids, underwater treasures, and the beauty of the sea, join us as we dive into the mythical world of merfolk and uncover the marvels of the cove with our July Vintage pack.

🧭 The sea contains a wealth of mystery and we’re all set in our quest for discovery. From mermaid tears to a pearl necklace, @giuliavaretto_illustration depicts some of the undersea treasures there are to discover.

🌊 It’s very rare to get a glimpse of these legendary beings and @lanylevendula takes us into their wondrous world. They’re full of mirth, adore their reflections, and their hair color matches their tails! Get ready for some mermaid magic.

💎 Crystal Cove is named after the gems you might find if you’re in luck! Not just pretty to look at - they can be made into jewelry, the kind you’d imagine mermaids wearing, and they’ll make your pages sparkle.

🗺 The old lighthouse shines brightly and inside, you discover many interesting items. From maps to binoculars and antique letters, could @thecreepingmoon’s sheet hold the key to finding these elusive charmers?

🧜 The mermaids of the cove are said to be peaceful creatures who enjoy playing music, combing their silky hair, and befriending all underwater life. @lavera.grace’s sheet is perfect for those who love the sea and fantasy.

🐚 Mermaids have a penchant for decorating and we can picture this set in their aquatic abodes and even being used to store potions. These bottles, seemingly plucked straight from the ocean, will add a splash of marine magic to your pages.

As always, these are just sneak peeks of our packs, the rest is a surprise! And of course, you can sign up to receive 1, 2, or all 3. If you want to make changes to your next renewal, you must do so by the 27th @ 11:59pm ET. You can still sign up for new packs until the 7th @ 11:59pm ET.


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