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2024 May Pop Pack Spoiler

2024 May Pop Pack Spoiler

With our May Pop pack come hang with us for a laid-back day, packed with all the cozy vibes, tasty treats, and leisureliness in new corners, all while getting lost in your own soundtrack. Whether you’re the type who loves a comfy day at your desk, or a chill exploration at your own pace, just pop on your headphones and ~vibe~.

📚🌙 Want to visit a place straight out of a dream? That’s what @milkteadani’s cosmic bookshop feels like with its twinkling stars and moon magic! Here, you can sip on a cup of celestial coffee, get lost in a good book, and unwind underneath a blanket of stars.

📖🎧 @wyrmsfornerves brings us the chillest study sesh, complete with fluffy friends, all the snacks, and excellent music. Whether you’re studying or just getting lost in a good read, this dreamy sheet shows that desk days can be the best kind of days.

📷🧋 Have a laid-back, picture perfect day with this super fun sheet by @fresh_bobatae! Capture beautiful moments, enjoy starry snacks and cuddle the cutest corgis. Guaranteed to bring your heart rate down and your serotonin levels up.

🌠🐈 You know who were the inspiration for the lofi life? Cats, duh! @allciie’s kitties are catching some z’s under the stars, dreaming big dreams and being all kinds of adorable. Want relaxing to the maxing vibes on your pages? Just add these cool cats.

🐠 How awesome are these one-of-a-kind shops by @sushiboiiiyy? From a gachapon store with a cozy cafe and an aquarium on the top floor, to a refreshing watermelon bar, take a stroll and see what grabs your attention.

🎶 It’s not a lofi life without music and @sushiboiiiyy brings us the ultimate playlist to chill out to. Whether you’re studying or off to your favorite café, this MP3 player mini notepad will be your perfect sidekick for the day.

As always, these are just sneak peeks of our packs, the rest is a surprise! And of course, you can sign up to receive 1, 2, or all 3. If you want to make changes to your next renewal, you must do so by the 27th @ 11:59pm ET. You can still sign up for new packs until the 7th @ 11:59pm ET.


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