April 2023 Vintage Pack: Snail Mail

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Dearest reader, we present to you “Snail Mail” our Vintage pack for April! With a charm and appeal that’s undeniable, snail mail holds a special place in the hearts of analog enthusiasts everywhere. This month’s pack is a love letter to snail mail, complete with plenty of snails, letters, and writing essentials. Add a unique touch to your own mail and let this pack inspire you to slow down and create something beautiful. 

✉️ With quill pens, wax seals, and plenty of worn letters, @yakovleva_arts captures the feeling of sending and receiving mail in times past. A timeless form of communication, all it takes is putting pen to paper, and though it may take a while to arrive, receiving something special is always worth the wait.

🐌 Doing their best to stay out of the way and with their little shell homes, snails can be quite charming! Take a moment to discover their unique charm for yourself with this sheet featuring a collection of snails with shiny shells.

🏔️ In this beautiful set, @Ivyteas takes us on a journey alongside adventurous mollusks traveling across various seasons and terrains. Similar to sending mail through the post, these hard working little guys venture through snow, rivers, and mountains to reach their destinations. With quaint abodes for shells, wherever they go becomes home. 

✍🏻 If you enjoy the art of letter writing, you'll love this set of two vintage-inspired envelopes! With illustrations of letter writing and a desk with Victorian mail essentials, this set will add a special touch to any letter.

🌠 Although snails move slowly, they’re certainly endearing as they inch their way towards their goal. In this sheet, @emmathewson depicts snails with patterned shells that tell the tales of their travels. From starry shells to bunny shells, these snails may reward you with stories of their journey — as long as you’re patient enough to wait for them.

🌼 From stickers to pressed flowers, decorating your mail is so much fun and the possibilities for personalization are endless. Easily add a touch of beauty to any page with this dainty sheet featuring stationery adorned with flowers.

Customer Reviews

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Anonymous (Spokane, US)
One of my favorite packs I’ve bought!

These stickers are so lovely, what a combination! Can’t wait to use them (:

A. Bryant (Canton, US)
Lovely stickers for stationary

This is an adorable pack. Especially if you like snails or send a lot of letters. Highly recommend :)

Cynthia Wallach (Randolph Township, US)
Love the snails!

Super cute collection of snails and the added acrylic stamp was the selling point for me. Love it!

Maegan Keel (DeLand, US)
I love snails

The traveling snails and the random object snail shells omg how cute. I love the stamp the best, you can reuse it and write in the thought box whatever you’d like. Snail mail is the best!