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February 2023 Vintage Pack: Swan Lake

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Dearest reader, we present to you “Swan Lake” our Vintage pack for February! We invite you to this classic ballet about a cursed princess who’s turned into a swan, only able to transform back into her true self come nightfall. Watch the swan queen dance along the lake, keep an eye out for the black swan, and look for adventure as we explore this enchanted fairytale. 

🎭 It’s opening night and these elegant ballerinas are practicing before showtime in their beautiful tutus and hair in buns. All that's left is to put on their pointe shoes and put on an unforgettable performance!

🏰 A magical tale of love and loss, enter the world of Swan Lake with this fairytale set. Visit the prince’s castle, meet the swan queen, and at night wish under the stars for the curse to be broken. 

🕊️ We usually imagine swans with white feathers, but black swans also exist. Rare and beautiful, it’s no wonder a black swan was able to intrigue the prince in the classic tale. In this set we bring you these special feathers collected from the enchanted lake.

💐 We can just hear the Swan Theme play while looking at these ballerinas from @bunny_minds dance. Adorned with feathers, these gorgeous dancers are performing Swan Lake. Rehearsed to perfection and ready for a standing ovation, please enjoy this lovely rendition.

🏞️ Discovering a flock of swans is awe-inspiring and @jeannadano captures the feeling in this delicate set. Like watching ballerinas dance, watching these majestic swans glide through the water is dreamy. After dark, stay and see if the swan queen emerges!

👑 Regal and graceful, we bring you the swan queen in human form amongst her swan family. Use this sticker book to store any stickers you find magical as we remind ourselves of the bits of magic found in everyday life. 

Customer Reviews

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Perfect as usual

G. (Colorado Springs, US)

Lovely set of sticker sheets that all go together beautifully! I enjoy how unique the theme is, too.

Caty .P (Dallas, US)

I adore this set. Everything is gorgeous, also pieces go so well for some romance spreads or just vintage dreamy type of stuff. I am looking forward in useing the post cards for Christmas.