August 2023 Cute Pack: Happy Capys

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Hello friends! The Cute theme for August is “Happy Capys”. From taking dips in the water to hanging out with their pals and making lots of new ones, there's simply so much to love about these friendly and endearing sweethearts. 🥰

💧 Capybaras absolutely love the water and will even snooze in it (relatable honestly). In this darling sheet by @bubblesartcraft, we find a herd living their best lives - just chillin’ and taking a sweet dip in the water surrounded by their buddies!

🍊 A capybara hanging out with birds and snacking on tangerines is a happybara! Peaceful and cute as a button, these critters are known for being one of the friendliest animals around. With @suzesmore’s sheet, now you can sprinkle some of that sweetness onto your pages.

🎨 Ready for some capy fun? Take a peek into the daily lives of these charmers with @coco__glez’s kawaii sheet. From painting a masterpiece to enjoying a cucumber eye mask, we wish we could spend the day with these little guys!

🐦 How sweet are capys and their bird besties?! These social cuties are always on the lookout for new friends, and @kawaiihentaaii's lovely sheet features plenty of birdies and their capy pals that will make your heart melt!

👒 Capys and birbs are total BFFs and these dapper chicks by @inestheunicorn make the cutest capy companions! From a hen to a mandarin duck, these stylish birds are adorable and totally fly.

🌼 What’s better than seeing 1 capybara? Seeing a capybara with a tiny capy stacked on top of them! This greeting card by @gummyy.y depicts a capy paradise in beautiful pastels and is perfect for any occasion.

Customer Reviews

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Isaura Gomez (Guatemala City, GT)

Ame!! No las quiero usar para que no se gasten jajaja.. super cute!!

Jade Weathers (Farmington Hills, US)

I wanted this pack for months and I finally got it! I love it so much I was even thinking about getting another. Capybaras make me laugh 😃 I'm glad they were still in stock.

Heather L. (Ridgewood, US)
March Cute Pack

The stickers were super cute, good quality and my daughter is excited to have them for her birthday.

Darcy Osborn (Chagrin Falls, US)
So Cute!

The stickers were good quality and so cute! They made a great gift for friends.

Hannah B. (Wentzville, US)
Girlfriend Loved

I got this as a gift for my girlfriend’s birthday and she adored them. She goes through periods of obsessing about capybaras and so it was perfect. The bird stickers she didn’t like for the sole reason that they were birds (which freak her out), but that was another win for me because it meant I got to keep the bird ones which are also SO FREAKING CUTE!