August 2023 Pop Pack: Fierce

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“Fierce” is our Pop theme this August! From ferocious and mighty creatures big and small to a warrior’s attitude, we all possess an innate fierceness within us. This month's incredible pack celebrates all things wild, wonderful, and utterly… fierce.

🦎 From slithering snakes to lounging lizards, reptiles are fascinating and have been around for a zillion years! This special set of reptiles by @starrypaigeart includes an albino alligator and a snapping turtle, among other awesome critters.

⚔️ Fierce isn’t just about exquisite swords and weapons, being fierce is an entire mindset! Look no further than these courageous warriors by @pyrrhics that paint a picture of strength and resilience in this gorgeous medieval-inspired sheet.

🌈 If you want to make your notes stand out, look no further than these colorful sticker labels by @thingsby_diana. Featuring mythical rainbow creatures, this fun sheet will make any note look absolutely amazing!

🧡 🐆 This striking set by @daphnasebbane features black and white illustrations of great beasts adorned with hearts and florals, accented by pops of orange and foil. It shows us that dainty and fierce are the perfect combo.

🐺 When something's wild at heart, it just can’t be tamed. And why would you want to when you see these awe-inspiring animals by @katy_lipscomb. Powered by the mystical forces of nature itself, they possess a fearless, unwavering spirit.

🦉 From brave foxes to wise owls, all living things possess their own unique qualities that make them powerful beings. These gorgeous and vibrant portraits by @royalghostmarch showcase the natural beauty and strength found within all animals, big and small.

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Gabrielle Farrell (Excelsior, US)
LOVE Stickii Club!

I sub to all three sticker packs and they never let me down. This set was AMAZING. Honestly one of my favorites so far. I look forward to opening these every month. Everything is at a great quality and they always theme their packs super well. This is just a touch of gothic in all the right ways.