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December 2023 Cute Pack: Rawr!

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Hello friends! The Cute theme for December is “Rawr!''. Dinos or dragons? The answer is BOTH! You don’t want to miss this legendary pack filled with the most incredible dinosaur and dragon pals. They're big, they’re small, they're fierce, and they're downright adorable. Join us in their magical land for the most amazing adventure yet with this dino-mite set!

💕🦖 Although they may be large and mighty, this lovable set of dinosaurs by @yetitia.illustration is bursting with cuteness! From munching on cookies to having a tea party, who wouldn’t want to befriend these darling dinos?

🐸💎 Ready for an epic quest? @rihnlin's vinyl sticker, featuring a half dragon and half frog with a precious treasure, is the perfect reward for those who are as brave as this adorably fierce fragon!

🍕 What kinds of foods do dinos love to dine on? @kaiami’s rawrsome sheet shows us some of Gordy the dino’s faves. From cheesy pizza to fresh fruits, this cutie has a voracious appetite and sure knows how to dig in!

❄️🐉 Despite their fiery nature, dragons surprisingly love the cold. You can often find them happily making a delicious pot of soup or enjoying some ice skating. @egocentricartist illustrates their favorite wintertime activities on this adorably cool sheet.

🐲 These magnificent dwagons and friends by @heathersketcheroos are not only super kawaii but also very tough (look, ferocious, so much scare!) Get ready to embark on endless escapades as you join them in their enchanting dwagon realm.

🔥 Get fired up by @teabag.cartoon’s awesome dragons! From a duckgon to a tomato draco, this set of hybrids is ready to bring a new level of awesome to your pages and will totally set your heart ablaze!

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Everyone I have gifted these stickers to loves them!