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February 2023 Cute Pack: Yozakura

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Hello friends! The Cute theme for February is “Yozakura”. Sakura season is coming! In springtime, the cherry blossom trees are lit up after dark, making the hanami celebrations extra magical. We invite you to take a stroll under the falling petals, have a picnic, and admire the flowers as the glowing sakura fills the night with joy.

🍬Tiny and star-shaped, konpeito is a popular Japanese candy often included in many celebrations and is as kawaii as it is tasty. We bring you a special set of candy with sakura packaging as a sweet reminder of our time at yozakura.

🦊 Frolicking through the petals and eating some snacks, @ratladyart brings us this set of joyful furry pals enjoying the festivities. Having tons of fun, this sheet reminds us of some of the best parts of hanami, food and good times shared with friends!

🍧 You’re not going to want to miss all of the sakura-flavored treats the season brings. @chickiecafe gives us a taste with this pretty pink set. From ramune soda to a mochi donut, these snacks are adorable and all taste like sakura!

🍱 Cherry blossom viewing is extra fun when joined by friends! The cuties on this sheet by @muffin.corner are having a picnic under the beautiful blossoms. Just looking at their picnic feast makes us wish it was spring already!

🌸 It’s time for a stroll among the cherry blossoms! In this lovely set, @miaocherii takes us for a nighttime viewing of the sakura along with some cat friends. With petals floating down and pretty paper lanterns abound, spend a beautiful night amongst the blossoms.

🍡 Only blooming for a short time, when it’s sakura season, you can expect to see sakura-flavored everything! Thanks to @milkkoyo, now you can have a sticker book of sakura sweets to remind you of the blossoms even long after the season is over.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Everything is so stinking cute. The quality of the stickers is amazing. Love every time I get these in the mail. Such a great deal especially for it $12 (U.S.) a month. Always so happy with my purchase with Stickii. ❤️

Sara (Arnold, US)

The colors, characters, textures... love all of it, especially the konpeito and as always the foil!