July 2023 Pop Pack: Midnight Magic 101

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Summer school is in session with July Pop’s theme: “Midnight Magic 101”! They say learning is a lifelong endeavor and that certainly applies to these witches, from collecting the exact ingredients for spells, mastering the art of flying, and honing their craft (get it?) Join these enchanting ladies as they head back to the coolest of schools! 

📖 Practice makes perfect and this magical student is well stocked with the essentials! From spell books to potions, @prismonoart beautifully illustrates the wonderful world of witches with this colorful sheet featuring all kinds of tools of the trade. 

🌙 @marigonasuliart’s sheet features the ultimate decor for crafting a perfect and cozy witch haven. Complete with a moon garland, plenty of potions, and a trusty cat companion, we definitely wish we lived here!

✍️ Whether you want to jot down recipes or just take notes with a witchy flair, @resaa.art brings us a beautiful set of multi-colored index cards featuring your fabulous classmates.

🧙🏻‍♀️ For @vickisigh’s powerful coven of witches, magic isn't just a pastime - it's a lifestyle. Not only are they super skilled, but they also never fly anywhere without looking absolutely amazing. Check out their spellbinding looks and get inspired to pursue your own passions!

🪄 The cauldron is brewing, the ingredients are prepped, and plenty of candles are lit - it's time for class! Whether novice or seasoned pro, @sarahhughesillustration’s mystical sheet includes all the classroom must haves for Midnight Magic 101.

☕️ You can’t expect to stay up with the moon without some coffee! This cosmic coffee set is perfect to sip while wandering the woods at midnight - for class of course. Wouldn't it be great if we could get our energy straight from the stars too?

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Witchy magic!

Caty .P (Dallas, US)

I love the note cards, this one has more people then others, which i love. Specially the diffrent art styles are fun. It has a lot of diverse art styles that, if your into multiple themes. It would absolutely work


Great care in shipping, fast delivery, loved the magicalness of the sticker packs! Very witchy and spellbinding!