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November 2021 Pop Pack: In the Moment

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“In the Moment” is our Pop theme for November! This is your reminder to sit up straight, stretch your neck, and take a break if you need it. Take a deep breath and think about what you want to accomplish today. Now go do it! (After you read these spoilers, obvs)

🛼 You gotta work hard, you gotta play hard, you gotta hang out with your friends! Sometimes we get super caught up in our own lives, but this sheet from @yanyancandyng will help remind you to recharge and take some much needed rest.

📖 So you don’t forget, even after your stickers run out, we’ve also got a stamp from @yanyancandyng to remind you to treat yourself!

🧶 Indulge your many hobbies! Follow the example of @ratladyart’s moth girl and remember to always make time to follow your passions, whether they be art, video games, cooking, or something else entirely!

👟 Remember that you’re not your job – who you are is so much deeper than that. These inspiring folks by @loafi_doodles are all about their passions for astronomy, animals, art, and more, not their 9-5s.

🔮 Sometimes self care feels like witchcraft – a few minutes watering the plants, painting, or reading a favorite book can be a curative stronger than any potion. @tex.art_ captures the magic of self care perfectly, for witches and non-witches alike!

🍡 Go get a snack! In moderation, sweets can totally lift your spirits and release that sweet, sweet serotonin so you’re ready to face whatever the world throws at you. @artpetry has provided a delectable selection of treats that are a feast for the eyes as well as the tummy.

Customer Reviews

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Caty .P (Dallas, US)
Love it!

I love the colors, a lot of them are so pretty and work to compliment other stickers i have been holding on to. The moths are fun, the self care one's are cute, and magic to shelf and fallow your passion are ones that are in colors i have been looking for.

Sarah Mull (Woodville, US)
So pretty

Loved them!

Maegan Keel (DeLand, US)
The finest self care: In the Moment

We have to remind ourself to live in the moment. These stickers are the cutest reminder. I love that they have included an amputee. The garden girl, the Swiss ball girl, the kitty w tea omg love at first sight

Cayla Harms (South Jordan, US)
Moth Stickers!!!

I was super excited when I got the spoiler for this pack and can I tell you it did not disappoint! The moth stickers are so flipping cute!

M Roberts (Marcus Hook, US)
so pretty!

So pretty, Love it!