2024 April Pop Pack Spoiler

2024 April Pop Pack Spoiler

Get ready for a fun-filled interstellar voyage as we rocket into the skies to bring you some magical stationery adventures that are truly out of this world! With the moon, stars, planets, and heaps of sparkling cosmic dust, buckle up for an exciting cosmic journey into a stellar sticker galaxy with our April Pop pack.

🌌✨ Few things are as frickin’ cool as the northern lights wow-ing up the skies with an array of colors! With woodland creatures stopping to take in the glow of dazzling auroras, now you can illuminate any page with the beauty of this natural wonder.

🦖🪐 What’s better than space? Dinosaurs. So have both with these fun illustrations by @wolfandbear.co! Featuring fierce and mighty space dinos that harness the power of nature, these dazzling dinos are incredibly cool and rule over the celestial realm.

☁️🐱 Feline cosmic? Look waaaay up and you might spot this mystical cat by @martith.art, lookin down at you from its comfy cloud throne as only a cat can do. This mini notepad is purr-fect for adding a dreamy touch to any note.

🎪💫 Get ready for an extraordinary event like no other with @amal.illo’s space carnival! From critters soaring in the starry sky to spaceships flying by, you’ll definitely want a ticket to the best show this side of the solar system.

🌟 Ever dreamt of holding the stars in your hands? Pick up this sheet by @at_illustration that appears to contain entire galaxies. Let the skies guide you through these magical designs that remind us we all carry a sprinkle of stardust within us.

✨🔭 Let’s head out for a night of stargazing with this radiant sheet by @milkteadani! With a telescope, the moon in all its phases, and many twinkling stars, you’ll have all the space you could dream of with this stunning sheet.

As always, these are just sneak peeks of our packs, the rest is a surprise! And of course, you can sign up to receive 1, 2, or all 3. If you want to make changes to your next renewal, you must do so by the 27th @ 11:59pm ET. You can still sign up for new packs until the 7th @ 11:59pm ET.

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