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2024 May Cute Pack Spoiler

2024 May Cute Pack Spoiler

It’s raining, it’s pouring, and the adorable pond critters are ecstatic! From rain-loving friends to the magical wonders of this little ecosystem, it’s time to grab your umbrella and put on your rain boots because this pond is absolutely hoppin’! Prepare for a splash of fun with our May Cute pack that will brighten up any rainy day.

🍵 Curious about what pond critters eat? @mangoqath has crafted a tasty menu inspired by their unique habitat! With pond tea and frog pancakes, you’re definitely going to want to hop on over and try these froggy delicacies.

☔️ Embrace the downpour with @nekomori.art’s essentials for the perfect rainy day. With everything from storm clouds to cheerful animals, these mini icons are just what your journal needs to make this rainy day the cutest one yet!

🐼 Dressed in their rain ponchos and boots, @kawaiihentaaii’s pandas and friends look super adorbs enjoying the rainy day by the pond! From hitching a ride on a duck to splashing in puddles, we can’t wait to join them on their adventures.

🌿🫖 Want to bring a piece of the pond home with you? Filled with little seedling pals and other beautiful flora and fauna, @loonpflug makes it easy with these terrariums that are just bursting with the wonder and magic of the great outdoors!

🍄🐸 Over at @_chetom’s darling pond, life is simply sweet and the inhabitants are irresistibly charming. From fishies going for a swim to frogs lounging about, you’re gonna want to jump right into the pond life with these sticker stamps.

🌧🍲 Rainy days have their own unique charm and @ekatamandalillustration has captured the magic of a cozy rainy day outdoors. From friendly clouds to soup, you’ll be looking forward to all the delightful things that come with the rain!

As always, these are just sneak peeks of our packs, the rest is a surprise! And of course, you can sign up to receive 1, 2, or all 3. If you want to make changes to your next renewal, you must do so by the 27th @ 11:59pm ET. You can still sign up for new packs until the 7th @ 11:59pm ET. 


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