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Colección de papelería Hanami

Precio normal $65.00
Precio de la unidad

Primera colección de papelería de STICKII: HANAMI (Fiesta para ver los cerezos en flor) con 10 artículos de papelería exclusivos de STICKII (incluidas colaboraciones con @okashi_na_okashi , @imaginstation y @studioabsent ).

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Peso: 29 oz/ 1,8 lb

Artículos incluidos :

  • Cuaderno liso Sakura y Matcha con papel de 120 g/m² (Art by @okashi_na_okashi )

  • Bolígrafo de gel Cherry Blossom Shaker (tinta negra)

  • Pin de esmalte de cono de helado Sakura (Arte por @imaginstation )

  • 5 Rollos de Cintas Sakura (3washi+2pvc)

  • Viajero de cintas Washi de edición especial - Maki de @estudioabsent

  • Set de portanotas con pétalos de cereza (5 piezas)

  • 2 marcadores/clips de papel Sakura grandes

  • Mini álbum de fotos brillante con llavero dorado Sakura

  • Organizador de hojas de pegatinas debajo del cerezo

  • 3 hojas de pegatinas súper lindas (papel + washi + gelatina)

    Arte por @okashi_na_okashi @imaginstation

Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
Shaneek Edwards

I gave this as a gift to a friend and she loved it.

JAN HESSELMAN (Jacksonville, US)
Pink and Precious

So cute with lots of darling stickers and surprises all wrapped in the precious “keep savers” box!
I 💗 it!

kristina golec (Atlanta, US)
Worth The Money

Other than the pen not being my preference in terms of writing instruments (I usually stick to fountain pens), I've actively used everything in this collection.
The items with the most surprising quality are definitely the paper clips. Not only are they beautiful, they're sturdy, too. These aren't your dollar store paper clips and you only need to hold one in your hand to be able to tell. Another highlight in terms of quality is the notebook. The carboard cover is sturdy, it lays flat, and, as an added bonus, the paper is fountain pen friendly! For reference, I use a western-size medium nib with Diamine brand Onyx Black ink. The feathering is so minimal, only the pickiest of fountain pen users would have a problem with it. Also, there's little to no ghosting once you turn the page.
Overall, I highly recommend this product. The noebook alone is worth at least half of the entire purchase price.

Juliana Garateguy (Lawrenceville, US)
So Cute!!

The collection as a whole is soooo cute! Not just that though, when my set arrive, the pen was dead so when I reached out they sent me a new one to replace the one that didn't work. This company is great!!!

Carrie Edgar
Adorable and Unique

Love everything in the box, including the box!! Washi tape holder is perfect to travel with. I can never have too many cherry blossom themed things.