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25 Days of STICKII Advent Calendars FINAL SALE

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Please Note: These guys have minor packaging defects or other small issues but are 30% off because of it. Some of the advents may have one sheet that is replaced with another sheet from the original set due to inventory shortage but there are 25 sheets total in every advent. You may find imperfections or dings on the packaging but all sticker sheets inside are in great condition! ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

The countdown has only just begun! Featuring our classic Cute, Vintage, and Pop styles, our annual 25 Days of STICKII Advent Calendars contain 25 days worth of unique never-before-seen sticker surprises! This year these boxes are so much more, they're the house to be cozy in, the trunk for your forest travels, and the shelf upon which to display your special treasures. ✨

Each advent comes in a beautifully designed box with an opening on both sides for you to simply push out. Every envelope is closed with a numbered sticker that is easy to remove and won't damage the envelope making them completely reusable! Share the envelopes with friends, write a letter, use them as artistic sticker storage, or keep ticket stubs, receipts, and memories. The possibilities are endless!



❄️ Our Cute Advent is all about the kawaii! This year, the outside is what we refer to as mono-cute-matic cause we do love to be punny. With small pops of color, this one is an eye catcher for sure that depicts an adorable winter scene in the coziest of places, right at home. 🏠 Don't let the calm cover fool you as the envelope artwork inside showcases 5 different brightly colored collaged designs featuring different parts of the house - and of course what we all need - SPACE (told ya, punny! 😆)

(Please note: While the packaging features @kawaiibroccolii designs, only one actual sticker sheet is by them)

Featured Artists Include:


🍂 Live your best autumn-in-the-woods life with our Vintage Advent Calendar! You can't forage in the forest without having a fashionable trunk for your finds so our cover features a charming suitcase design beautifully decorated with mushrooms and elegant gold foil detailing. 🧳🍄 Inside, the reusable envelopes feature 5 different designs with an array of mushrooms and antique ephemera collaged together for the ultimate vintage vibes for all your stationery needs. 

Featured Artists Include:

@rt0no @phoenix7472 @hookieduke @cosmicspectrum @lamblittle @inga.buiva @cloverune @welderwings @highwestwild @frustrationsmear @thistleplum.meadow @carolmeoww @katie_oshea_design 


🐈‍⬛ Dark and beautiful like a black cat is our Pop Advent! What's on your shelves? Treasures to be admired or to be explored? Meet this troop of Midnight kitties that love getting in mischief. From lounging on spell books to brewing some potions, the cover features these curious creatures with dazzling holo rainbow detailing. 🪄 Inside, find 5 different bewitching designs featuring all sorts of ends and oddities along with cat tarot cards that can predict your future.. pssst: it has a lot of amazing stickers in it! 🔮

Note: The Pop Advent has ONE holiday sheet.

Featured Artists Include:

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 244 reviews
    SourLemonxx (Las Vegas, US)
    Hello crafty bees!

    I absolutely loved the idea of sticker sheets for an advent calendar. Something we would use and also opening it like we received snail mail made it feel extra special. My child is a fan of stickers and journaling so it super exciting for her. The sticker sheets were so cute and included many artists! Thank you for including the names of the artists because it helped me find them on social media as well.
    Will be continuing to purchase more in the future! <3

    Customer (Guaymas, MX)
    Darling but I ordered the wrong thing

    I wanted Vintage. Got Cute. And cute it was. I enjoyed looking at every day but passed them on. This year is a “spend nothing year” so maybe I will never get to enjoy the Vintage Advent Calendar. I definitely found it fun and exciting to open each day to those cute little stickers.

    Virginia M (Spring, US)
    Absolute joy

    I bought this last minute on a whim, and it was such a pleasure every single day! I loved the envelopes they came in too - magical tarot cats. The stickers are amazing! All super high quality. There were only one or two days that I was lukewarm on - most of them are either completely gorgeous or completely adorable. Absolutely worth every nickel. What a fun addition to my holidays.

    Anne Sherfield (Tempe, US)

    Loved this advent calendar. Feel like I have enough stickers to last my whole year and I liked almost all of the designs. Honestly, can't wait to buy it again next year.

    Anonymous (Canton, US)
    So much fun

    I don’t know where to start. I have the boxes displayed on my desk right now. I ordered the set of each. Each sticker comes in a mesmerizing envelope that I can use in lots of ways. The sticker sheets are so much fun too. My daughter and I divvied them up. I opened them all at once! All 3 boxes!