December 2023 Pop Pack: Little Red

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“Little Red” is our Pop theme this December! Join us this month as we go over the river and through the weird and wonderful woods. But if you stray off the path to Grandmother’s house, might we recommend being choosy in which delightful or dark character you ask for directions.. in our own modern pop twist on the classic tale of Little Red Riding Hood!

📖🌳 Once upon a time, a girl with a red hood went into the forest, ready to face whatever mysteries awaited her. She meets a shady wolf but @xxpetrichorxx's gorgeous set tells the tale of how Little Red showed courage to prevail!

🕸 Join Little Red as @macharaology sets the scene with this spooky sheet that will give you the chills in the best way possible. From creepy crawlies to a woodland witch, get ready to immerse yourself in this dark and beautiful world. 

🐈🍄 portrays a cat version of Little Red as she wanders through the mystical woods and discovers curious creatures along the way. From witch's hat mushrooms to magpie inkcaps, these fungi felines are totally mysterious and would never send you astray… right?

🧺 The forest is more than just dark and mysterious, it’s why our Red ventures in for the beautiful blooms! These fresh vibrant forest finds by @anndanger make for a lovely gift for dear grandmama~

👵 💭 If you ever encounter trouble, take a moment to listen to the wise words of these lovely grandmas by @bandaminta. Just like the storybook grandma, these hip grannies are more than happy to lend a helping hand!

🐺 As Little Red makes her way through the woods and escapes danger, her bravery and wits are truly inspiring. From the full moon to a wounded heart, bring the fairy tale to life on your pages with these hauntingly beautiful black & red illustrations.

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Sara (Arnold, US)
Love it

One of my favorite packs! I got an extra for my son, who also loved it. Used it for a theme in my planner.