March 2024 Cute Pack: Day and Night

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Hello Friends! The Cute theme for March is “Day and Night’’. Whether you’re a night owl or a morning person, we’ve got plenty of starlight and sunshine in this pack. Enjoy the best of both worlds and spot the differences between day and night, but the one thing that never changes is the level of kawaii!

🌟🐸 Check out @_chetom’s stellar besties that are fueled by the power of the stars! From toads with actual toadstools as hats to celestial cats, they’re fully energized and ready for a fun-filled night under the grand night sky.

🐻🌻 @jennillustrations’ beary kawaii fuzzy friends certainly have a green thumb, and they’re all about soaking up that sweet sunshine! They’re having a blast taking care of their garden, and thanks to the sun’s nurturing rays, they got some serious flower power.

👻 @theghostegg shows that not all ghosts are scary - they can be incredibly cute too! From wandering through forests to floating with the clouds, get ready to explore their hauntingly adorable world with this darling set of sticker stamps!

🌷 Express yourself as a tulip with @starriesena‘s flower bunch! From strumming the guitar to relaxing at the spa, these blooming beauties are embracing whatever the day and night has in store with open petals and they can’t wait for you to join them.

🐈💫 Nighttime means it’s time for adventure and these cuties by @ellievsbear show that after dark is when the magic happens! With ghosts, cats, and more all sparkling with starlight, if you’re a night owl, you’ll feel right at home with this cosmic crew.

🪄🐦 You can spot crows during the day but they are known to be making magic at night! @tkcreates’ charming coven of powerful birb wizards are gathering unusual ingredients to get to work on brewing some mischief by the light of the stars!

Customer Reviews

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Colleen B (Kenosha, US)
Such cute stickers!

Love it! A great variety of high quality, adorable stickers!

Inez Gregg (Federal Way, US)

The crows are my favorite, but I also unexpectedly love the little tulips. A great pack that I bought separately because I wasn’t yet subscribed. Definitely worth it!