May 2023 Vintage Pack: Marvels of the Manor

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Dearest reader, we present to you “Marvels of the Manor” our Vintage pack for May! Nestled away in the countryside is a grand estate that boasts a magnificent manor. This centuries-old abode contains many rooms, all filled with long ago treasures. From awe-inspiring architecture to antique furniture, to the former residents’ personal keepsakes, roam the halls of the mansion for yourself and uncover the many wonders found within its walls.

🕯 With this mesmerizing set, @lapin.siia gives us a glimpse of the many treasures found inside. From curios to mysterious portraits, the rooms are full of stories and memories that seem to come alive the more you explore.

🗝️ Upon entering, you’ll be in awe of the beautiful architecture. @nastya.chay gives us a rare look inside and provides us with the keys to unlock its many rooms. Marvel at the beauty of this impressive home and adorn your pages with the unique pieces found within!

🪑 We bring you a set of furniture that is ready to furnish the finest of manors and your pages. From beds to living room sets, choose your favorites and take home some of the mansion’s magnificent collection in sticker form.

🫖 If you get thirsty while exploring, stop for a nice cup of tea in this lovely, quaint kitchen. @ahyasartroom depicts the perfect spot to relax and admire the decor. As you sip your tea, you might wonder who else once sat at this very seat.

🏵️ As you explore, you’ll notice the stunning stained glass windows. With intricate floral designs in orange and green hues, these windows are in impeccable condition and are fit for a palace!

🕰 With this sheet, we invite you to take a peek into the past and imagine how life might have been. Turn on the chandelier, read the pages of someone's favorite book, and listen to the antique clock ticking away.

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Caty .P (Dallas, US)

I adore all of these stickers. I would say, it is perfect for a pre-Halloween purchase. It can easily be used for inspo for Adams family, Haunted mansion, or some witch themed spreads. Alot of the pieces can be used for castle/ fairytales, cottage core, boutique, or a tarrot theme. The colors are so pretty, and just a great assortment of stickers