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November 2023 Pop Pack: Breathe

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“Breathe” is our Pop theme this November! Fall arrives slowly but gets hectic fast, so from taking a snooze to enjoying some time out in nature, these simple acts of self-care can make a huge difference. This month, we invite you to embrace all the things that bring you relaxation with this pack that reminds us that sometimes all the things can wait while we take a breath for ourselves.

🍃 Being out in nature can be very peaceful and can give you the chance to recharge as you step away from the hustle and bustle. @mcmintea’s beautiful watercolor scenes paint a stunning picture of serenity that feels like taking a deep breath of fresh air.

🌊 These girls by @vteronikart know how to take time for themselves! From lounging by the sea to reading a good book, this set shows the importance of indulging in all the things that bring us joy to live a full, colorful life.

💤 Taking a nap is always a great idea and @sophiemcpike shows that anywhere can be a comfy napping spot! Whether you're bundled up with the stars or cuddling with frogs, this set is perfect for anyone who’s a pro at catching some Z's.

💖🐈 Self-care is essential to ensure that you're feeling your best, and cats concur. From a face mask to lighting candles, @tessaleedesigns’ sheet will inspire you to follow in the pawsteps of our feline friends and pamper yourself because you truly deserve it.

🍵 Tea has the ability to create a bit of ‘me time’ even among a packed day! With flavors like strawberry fields and celestial brew, these delectable drinks by @prinsomnia_ are ready to help you release that breath after the first sip.

🍊 From sipping on delicious orange tea to enjoying a citrus bath, @fresh_bobatae’s mini notebook of a blissful tangerine dreamland will remind you to make time for yourself every time you use it.

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Great quality stickers and they are so beautiful!