IMPORTANT: June Pack Update and Our Eternal Gratitude! ❤️

Dear STICKII fam,

We can't thank you all enough for the incredible patience, kindness, and understanding all of you have shown with this disastrous and unprecedented delay with June packs. You know we pride ourselves on always being transparent so here is the update on the June packs delay.

The good news first! The shipping mess that we've become causalities of is steadily getting resolved and we are told that we WILL be getting our entire shipment given to us and a few boxes (out of hundreds) have started arriving at our office (Yes! Progress!) The bad news though... it is literally just a trickle of our entire shipment so we are sending out whatever comes in but it means everyone will be getting their packs at different times - due to this there will be no shipping notification sent for this pack. Just know that packs are going out in batches and yours WILL be going out as well and you will receive it, just extremely delayed. If you don't get yours, you know we WILL make it right and you will get a replacement for it if by the time we send everything out and yours is still missing. Bottom line, you are getting a June pack, we promise.

Don't think we've been sitting idle (amid the crying and non-stop phone calls) we have printed off some of our most beloved previous designs that are not for sale anymore and as an apology and a token of how much we freakin' love you guys for being the best during this worst of times, we're sending 2 extra sheets for free of these unbuyable STICKII exclusives. We have been working tirelessly to make these little apologies and are packing them in every single June pack that is going out. We hope this small gesture begins to make up for this ordeal. 

In addition to this, we’ve decided to postpone the next renewal date to July 3rd instead of June 28th. This way we can make sure to send out all the June packs before any of you guys get charged again for July.  Just to keep everything else on schedule, we will still be releasing July spoilers as usual and you can still expect the spoiler email to be sent out on June 25th but you will not be charged until the 3rd.

We know this isn't just a frustrating and horrible situation for us but for you too and if it makes you reconsider your subscription with us, we understand. If you have any questions, decide to skip, or cancel your subscription, please email us at  and we will be happy to take care of you.

Again, we can't begin to express how sorry we are for this crazy delay but having your wonderful words of support and understanding has kept us from completely freaking out in a situation where we have literally no control. Thank you again (we can't say it enough) for your continued trust and support for our small team of 8. We love you guys to the moon, around the sun, over Jupiter and Mars and back and we cannot wait for you to get June packs because they ARE on their way! ❤️

With love and stickers,