September 2021 Pop Pack: Coffee with Friends

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“Coffee with Friends” is our Pop theme for September! ☕👯❤️ Grab a mug of your favorite fall hot beverage and tuck in to these sneak peeks!

☕ Someone somewhere decided coffee on its own wasn’t enough and a whole host of coffee-flavored sweeties were born! @pa.osesame ‘s little black cat loves them, and so do we.

🦇 It IS spooky season, so naturally @tex.art_ ‘s coffee time is a little on the spooky side. Wait until dusk for the perfect time to savor these deliciously creepy coffee treats!

🥐 Or if you prefer your coffee without a side of bats, @ydxart ‘s got you covered with these cozy, foamy lattes and fresh pastries.

🐯 What’s coffee without friends to share it with! (Still good, but everything is better when it’s shared, right?) If you need some friends to sip with, these cool cats (and bears and giraffes) from @yanyancandyng will keep you company at your favorite café.

🐸In fact, you’ll never be without a friend ever again because we also have a stamp from @yanyancandyng of a frog drinking coffee inside a coffee cup, because of course he is.

💀 This coffee memo pad is the memo pad we’ve always needed, if we’re being honest. Why a cup of coffee count isn’t standard on these things, we’ll never know. You’re welcome.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Janice Stookey (Cincinnati, US)
Coffee with friends

Loved it

Taylor (Quincy, US)
Coffee is life

I LOVE this pack. If I could have a coffee theme pack every month I would! It is so good!

Steph (Venice, US)
Coffee with Friends

Lovely set, really happy with these stickers.

Anonymous (Springfield, US)
Coffee with Friends Pop Pack

Loved it!

Kristine Cook (San Antonio, US)

Majority of my friends like coffee so I think I will decorated some cards to send out with these stickers. ;)