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August 2022 Pop Pack: Thirsty

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It’s hot out here! “Thirsty” is our Pop theme for August! Popping caps and flowing fizzy drinks, these stifling summer days have us wanting to get quenched with some snazzy beverages. Hot, chilled, savory or sweet, this month we are serving up a variety of drinks to put out your thirst. 🍉🍹 

🍵 Let your imagination run free with these quirky cups served to you by @rosapinkie. Choose to sip from the whimsical star cup to see the future or maybe choose the floral motif to transport yourself to a secret garden. The mystery is half the fun!

🍇 Love the look of a fizzy pop? The popping color and thirst quenching capabilities are all found on this label sheet by @_baomii Be sure to use these where you need to sprinkle in some much needed ~cool~ and don’t be shy to write a statement wherever you go.

🥛 Are you more of a pink slushie or green matcha kind of sticker lover? Make friends with @mooncheez’s cool gals and join them to sip on some greatness. All you need to do is shake up your own concoction of boba, black tea, milk and ice, and more to join them for a brilliant time.

☕ Shaken or stirred? However you like your icy drink, @asakodraws serves up milkshakes, frappés and refreshers the way you like them most - delicious and eye-catching! You can be refreshed while being refreshing with something different.

🍜 Take us to Japan where the vending machines serve up everything you could think of including every snack you could want! Curry, ramen, soda, gotta get all the yumminess by @_baomii!

🥤Oh whoops, was that a spill? Nah, just call it unintended art! If you’re looking for a drink to put out your thirst with a twist, then look no further than @amysefforts sheet of vibrant stickers which are groovy and would feel at home being served in Wonderland!

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Alejandra Rascon (Canoga Park, US)
Pop theme

Great variety in this pack !! Such great quality stickers