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August 2022 Vintage Pack: Nature's Promenade

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Dearest reader, we present to you “Nature’s Promenade” our Vintage pack for August! There is nothing quite like the sights when we stroll on a sunny day through the finest that mother nature has to offer. From picking mushrooms to selecting the most vibrant leaf, we hope you enjoy our unforgettable sheets for this month. 🌳 

🌰 A walk in nature always begins with an inquisitive mind. Grab the map @alart_draws hands you, and use it as a guide through the wondrous lush forest surrounding you.

🍄 Mushroom season is upon us, and no stroll in a forest is complete without foraging for some thanks to @loonpflug - Look down as you uncover a whole world of embellished mushrooms at your feet. With so many types to choose from, be it White Button or Portobello, we know you’ll have a magical time.

🦊 Catching a glimpse of the fiery fox has always been considered good luck. With @meredithdillmanart’s set you hold some of that luck in your hands. This dreamy set introduces nature’s playful and characters with delicate foil capturing the golden rays of the morning sunrise.

🍂 Wishing for that feeling of falling leaves? We invite you to walk through the golden foliage found on this set. These leaves of all golden hues and shapes will invite you to lose yourself in the forest surrounded by warm illuminating light.

🦔 Like in a scene from your favorite fairy tale, we invite you to immerse yourself in a place where every little creature and friend wears hats carefully crafted out of mushroom caps.

🌿 Sometimes we dream of bringing a piece of nature with us home. This evergreen sheet offers you the possibility to achieve exactly that. No matter where you live always have a tranquil piece of the forest close by. Showcased on decorative pedestals, it brings a touch of elegance to any decor.

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Skyler Zapata (Sacramento, US)
Live your cottage-core dreams

STICKII club has a pack for every aesthetic. My friend loved this pack. THE.REALISTIC.LEAVES. The postcards. If you need a push this is your sign. Buy this pack.