December 2022 Cute Pack: Year of the BunBun

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Hello friends! The Cute theme for December is “Year of the BunBun”. Always cute and always fluffy, next year will be full of these furry bunny friends that will energize you to hop into the new year!

🍀 The amount of luck you’ll get next year is doubled with this sheet where you have four leaf clovers and plenty of rabbits’ feet running around! @foxiecscart shows us how these white snowballs hop around in a sea of luck!

🥕 What is sweeter than finding a bunny surrounded by a field of flowers? Well @yuyu_dream’s sheet answers exactly that. With cute flusters as far as the eye can see - stretching, hopping and simply being cute - you’re reminded to stop and smell (or lay in) the flowers!

🥞 Breakfast is always more fun with friends, especially if they’re cute! @little.yeah’s bunny invites his friends to join him for some much needed maple syrup covered pancakes, delectable macarons and piping hot tea. These stickers are irresistibly sweet!

🍰 A fluffy bunny and a side of delicious cake? This must be our lucky day! For every slice of different cake, you get to choose a different bunny to join you for this sweet feast. @yomihonei’s sheet will satisfy any sweet tooth!

🐰 Did you know the bunny is known to be the luckiest out of all the twelve Chinese zodiac animals? @yuhuirustudio sheet will bring you lucky bunnies with festive style to help you celebrate the new year with zest!

📗 Start the year right with a lucky notepad from @foxiecscart. Can you have enough of four leaf clovers and bunbuns? We didn’t think so! Enjoy this cute notepad and be sure to write yourself some sweet thoughts to fill your year with cuteness.

Customer Reviews

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Athena Grossman (Morris Plains, US)
Fav Stickii Pack

I have a bunny so I love this pack so much ! I am a card maker so I am so pumped to send bunny themed cards out to my friends!


I was excited they offered this as a gift to those who have been loyal subscribers. It was delightful!

Gabi (Tallahassee, US)

I love bunnies so when I saw this pack I knew I HAD to have it. I love it so much, it is so cute and I LOVE the variety of buns that it offers!

Rebeca Morales (Mexico City, MX)

The name of this pack is just very cute! As always, the quality and desings are top tier!

Rachel S (Roscommon, US)
Even cuter in person!!

It’s adorable, the stickers and all the little goodies (no spoilers here) are excellent quality and I love getting to use them! Seeing this pack is why I decided to subscribe and I have no regrets! Five stars isn’t enough, the quality of everything and the designs is far beyond the price, it’s such a great value. Definitely recommend to my sticker loving friends too!