February 2022 Pop Pack: All the Yummy

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“All the Yummy” is our Pop theme for February! We’re bringing you some of our absolute fav Asian meals, snacks, sweets, and drinks – a total feast for the eyes! Grab your bib and let’s dig right in! 🥣🍙

🍱 The only thing cooler than @sinistersquids ‘s hypercool square sushi, bentos, and sweets is @sinistersquids ‘s square sushi, bentos, and sweets in holo confetti. You’re welcome, world.

🍣 For those amongst us with a taste for minimalism, check out @blblu0 ‘s sheet, featuring full meals, complete with dessert! The soft hues are a win for all your lighter journal spreads.

🦐 Bold and vibrant colors for bold and vibrant flavors! @littledrumsticks is really out here making us want to eat paper right now, with these stickers featuring individual and small groups of delicious snacks.

🧋 These numbered bubble tea stickers are the ultimate sweet treat for your planner or bujo! Whether you’re numbering a calendar or counting down, trust us, we’ve got the tea.

🍭 STICKII snacks, as far as the eye can see! @nomkakaii has immortalized us as the purveyor of the world’s coolest, brightly-colored snacks, along with their adorable red panda mascot named Mokka!

🍜 Oh, we’re about to get all savory in here with these delicious foods from @kailenefalls ! Ramen burgers, tofu with toppings, bahn mi – so many options to accompany your journal entries or dress up your notes!

Customer Reviews

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Shanon (St Louis, US)
Versatility of Items in the Pack

This is one of my all time favorite packs. I write daily in a journal, and I love using the boba stickers at the start of each entry to mark a new day! The little bao stamp makes for the perfect embellishment on any letter you send in the mail, and I love the little "stickii" Easter egg on the pocky sticker <3

Destiny King (Jasper, US)
I ADORE this pack!

Every sheet was so beautiful! I've used a whole sheet already!

Tiffa (San Francisco, US)
Just get it

Look at the pictures and tell me you aren't obsessed with each sticker sheet. You can't beat the quality, design, variety, and price of Stickii sticker packs.