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June 2022 Cute Pack: Wave Cafe

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Hello friends! Our Cute theme for June is “Wave Cafe”! On hot days, have you ever wished you could hang out in the water with tropical fish and eat your favorite snacks at the same time? Well grab your snorkel, because we’re celebrating summer with the cutest friends and sweetest treats the seven seas have to offer! 🌊🍨   

🐙 What exactly does an underwater cafe serve, you ask? Anything they want! @abbeyandbear envisions a menu with happy undersea bentos, ocean water soda, and jellyfish sundaes!

🐢 These treat turtles by @papimcraft are so sweet we would almost feel guilty eating them! Almost.. We’ve got our eyes on that chocolate mousse turtle!

🐠 It’s a tropical fish party! Not only is @calliandco giving you the brightest, most colorful fish in the sea, but they’re on their way to an undersea birthday bash! Can you spot their little party hats?

🍓 The only thing cuter than sea otters is sea otters with snacks! These little guys from @imaginstation are hanging out with their besties and snacking on strawberries, boba tea, and more!

🧜 If there are mermaids that are half human & half fish, why not half cute and cuddly animals & half fish? @jennillustrations is asking all the right questions, and has given us fluffy mer-friends hanging out at the cafe!

🐚 The wave cafe has friends, it has snacks, and now thanks to @unicorn.eclipse it has games! Order some mermaid pies and rack up the sparkly points.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Sara (Arnold, US)

SO cute and perfect for summertime! Love them.

Kaerene (Oradell, US)
Sea Aesthetic + Cute? Yes!

I love the sea and all things associated with it, especially the cute kind--This pack was an absolute must for me. I don't regret it in the least, this was 1000% worth it! As always, the packs put together by Stickii are wonderful--I particularly adored the turtles, they're my favorite out of all the stickers provided though I must emphasize that I loved everything!