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May 2022 Cute Pack: Mushroom Picnic

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Hello friends! Our Cute theme for May is “Mushroom Picnic”! 🍄🌳 If you go down in the woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise… it’s mushroom mania! From picnics to houses, mushrooms are the biggest fad this forest has ever seen, and we’re so here for it. 

🏡 These little seedlings from @loonpflug are living the life in their mushroomy, foresty homes! The absolute height of forest curb appeal.

👒 And of course these girls from @qiarateor who hang out in the forest have gotten in on the trend too, adorning themselves with mushroom bags and hair accessories.

🫖 If you venture deep enough into the forest, you’ll find these little winged mushrooms from @mofuseasons! They love a good cuppa of forest tea, and know all the best mushroom caps to drink from.

🍽 No day of forest life is complete without a picnic! These woodland cuties from @patatoni__ have planned a perfect meal, from pretty pies to steaming mushroom-capped teapots.

🐰 If you’re planning your own woodland picnic, take your mushroomy inspiration from these girls and their forest friends by @inestheunicorn! You’ll be sure of the perfect party if you too invite an aproned bunny and a green mushroom boy.

🍄 To make sure you’ve got mushroom mania forever, we’ve got a stamp for you from @drawwithchoco of an adorable sunbathing toadstool with a fancy coffee and cheeks to the wind!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

I absolutely adore this cute pack. I'm a huge fan of mushrooms, and I cannot get enough of the colors in this stickii pack!!

CW (Taipei, TW)
Over the Garden Wall Vibes

Got this pack to decorate for a cute and whimsical autumn— it’s exactly what I was hoping for! 🍂 I use the tiny rainbow mushrooms to cover up when I make a mistake writing in pen.

Amy Dawson (Richmond, US)
Absolutely adorable!

I love this sticker pack its so cute and perfect for fall themed journaling!

Caitlan (Albuquerque, US)

I absolutely love the stickers I got. They come in an easy storage pouch that makes moving them them a breeze. Every sticker is adorable and every sheet gives recognition to the artist. 110% worth the money. The mailing is a little slow as it comes by envelope. Took almost a week to arrive.

Bryce amlee (Duluth, US)

I need some stickers that could layer for my D&D journal. These were perfect.