May 2022 Pop Pack: The Hidden World

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The Hidden World” is our Pop theme for May! Enter a realm of creatures yet undiscovered and unseen realms tucked away from prying eyes. Are you ready for the unseen to be seen? 👁  

🧚‍♂️ You may think you know fairies, but @peony_illustrations uncovers a world populated with dancing foxes, mushroom cap women, and butterfly wings that reminds you fairies are an unpredictable, unknowable bunch.

🌳 These spirits of the forest from @pabkins are always lurking just out of sight, under leaves and inside fallen fruits. They particularly gravitate toward old skulls, left behind to be reclaimed by the forest itself.

🐅 Natural magic is all around us in this world of snakes and tigers from @daphnasebbane; powerful presences in concert with each other and their forest, looking for balance and harmony.

🪲 We don’t often think of bugs as beautiful, but @blandinepannequin is here to showcase the spectrum of color and patterns that bugs are wearing – and that we’re all missing out on.

🍓 This fantasy world from @manok996 is brought to you in hyper color! Flower snakes, moon months, and lunar strawberries (which btw, would make a killer band name) are just a few of the surprises waiting for you here.

🦋 Even in hidden worlds we all need to stay organized. Number those lists and calendars with unusual moths and butterflies in hazy black and white.

Customer Reviews

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courtney alhareth (Austin, US)
Awesome !

I love this pack ! I love bug stickers and honestly the labels are adorable. I passed the "magic nature" sheet onto a friend who I knew would love it.

LeeAnn (Oceanside, US)
This pack sent me on an Electric Adventure

I am newerish to planning and journaling and all things stickers, but one issue I was having was finding sticker themes that match my personality and style. Everything out there is very girly, but I love Stickii because there is so much variety and everything is so different than what is out there.

This pack is so beautiful and colorful but also a bit dark which is what I love. I love that the monthly packs come with the sleeve and stickers for the corner. I love that I can keep the sets separate and know what is what. My favorite sheets in this pack are Forest Sprites and Electric Adventure!!!