October 2022 Pop Pack: All The Feels

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“All The Feels” is our Pop theme this October! No matter how you feel, be it up, down, or sideways, this pack will help you express your emotions in a way that’s your own! Now when you need to express something that’s just arghblergh - there’s a sticker for that. 

☀️ Stay hype and love yourself with these @EurekartStudio stickers. These stickers are your own cheerleader that will remind you to stay motivated. Take a ticket to self care and self love that will make you feel like carpe-ing the diem out of every day.

🐤 Feeling angry? Feeling cute? Why not both? @asakodraws raging ducks give ‘angry birds’ a run for their money! Sometimes you need that sticker that just gets out how you’re feeling with frustration or grumpiness but you want that cute aesthetic and we are here to help.

💠 These mood bead stickers make the saying “wear your heart on your sleeve” have a whole new meaning. With this rainbow color set from @artpetry making your feelings obvious is easy. Perfect for setting the tone of a page and expressing what the mood might be.

🙀 Nobody can express themselves better than cats! That’s why the internet is filled with them. Shocked, scared, judgy or bored @remiandoliver brings these quirky expressive kitties that can also pull some incredible faces capturing ourrfectly how we feel inside.

🦇 Feeling extra spooky (tis the season!)? Then these bat-cats have your go-to mood. @heidiroo_art knows how to help us express those seasonal vibes, especially when they start playing Christmas music way too early!

🌙 If you want to track your mood, then you’re in luck! This month we have a mood tracker and stickers to make sure you express your spooky feels all along the way. Thanks to @heidiroo_art you can track all your spookiness and feels for the entire month.

Customer Reviews

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Brittani (South Jordan, US)
As Always - Love the Cats!

I love this pack, especially because there are cats in it. :) The different face stickers for the mood tracker were super fun. Great pack!

CW (San Pedro, US)
I Use Every Sheet!

I use stickers to add a little pizazz to my daily journals. It makes things more fun when I look back through them. Because of all the different emotions, I use stickers from this pack all the time! My only complaint would be that there’s an imprint/slight indented outline of another sticker sheet etched into my black cats, but it’s only visible when the light’s just so. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.