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October 2022 Vintage Pack: Seasons of Tea

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Dearest reader, we present to you “Seasons of Tea” our Vintage pack for October! No matter the season, be it summer, fall, winter, or spring, and no matter where you are, nothing keeps the soul as serene as a delicious cup of freshly brewed tea. Enjoy this warm set as it unwinds you after a long day.

🐱 Like the legendary Cheshire Cat with his broad grin, @phoenix7472 introduces us to a group of mischievous little felines. Each one of them holding on tight to their mugs filled with warm tea to the brim. With hats on and scarves tight, these cats have something up their sleeves and it’s probably some yummy smuggled biscuits!

🍰 @hwainio brings us to an elegant British tea setting. To make this afternoon tea sumptuous, this set holds a perfect table setting consisting of bright teapots and flower-filled cups and saucers, accompanied by delightful cakes and pastries that pair perfectly with the tea of your choice.

🌸 From the garden to your cup, nothing feels as decadent as sipping a cup of tea in a garden in full bloom. @makiko_j takes us on a journey into a spring garden where reading a book and sipping on a fresh cuppa is part of the simplest and happiest of pleasures.

🍵 Tea is flavorful, versatile, easy to make, and heartwarming. This delicate set by @ameruu shows us the process of this relaxing ritual. Gently prepare your cup and pair it with either a good book or an indulging treat.

☕ The art of drinking tea dates back many, many years. From the simple to the elaborate to brewing to pouring, something as simple as a warm cup of tea to be enjoyed by all has been around for ages!

With tea stickers, the possibilities are endless. To be sure you don’t lose a single one of your delightful STICKII cups, enjoy this sticker album to keep them all in place.

Customer Reviews

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Amaranta Garcia (Charlotte, US)
Love my pack!

The imagery is so beautiful and unique. I was so happy to recieve a book to hold my rogue stickers in, too! 10/10 pack