September 2022 Pop Pack: Land of the Night Butterflies

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“Land of the Night Butterflies” is the Pop theme this September! Come with us to where powerful witches and fearless warriors join forces for an epic adventure in a land far far away. Peep in the corner a special butterfly wand mini sticker album!  

🧙♀️Usually witches fly high in the sky and mermaids are found in the depths of the ocean, but on @choupsoup’s magical sheet these two forces are amazing friends. Dressed in bold colors with lush hair floating across the page, these women rule the night with their potions and mystical powers. Join them on an epic adventure - if you dare! 

🦋 The mystical night butterfly uses its flight to sprinkle magic across those small creatures found on @pelinkan_’s sheet. From dancing Koi shimmering in the moonlight to the dragon fly teasing them across the glistering surface, experience the magic! 

🥀 These lovelies, half women half magic, will bring some much needed pop to your pages in this sheet from @artfusion__. These are some of the students of the Butterflies because they can’t just become a warrior of land or sea overnight!

Once the students graduate, they each showcase their own speciality! On this sheet @suri_draws shares her favorites as these ladies exhibit how they bring their own unique light to the land of eternal night.

🌙 The sight of the crescent moon symbolizes you’ve reached the land of the Night Butterfly. As the butterfly flutters above your head, these pale crescent moons shine like silvery claws across the night sky. Keep an eye out for all the symbols you can spot on this sheet and make sure to sprinkle them on your favorite notebook pages or carry them with you in the mini sticker album.

⭐ How often do you receive a bouquet made up entirely of actual shining stars? Or see stars fall out from underneath the lid of a grand piano like little music notes? Yes, we’re all made out of stardust, but in this fantasy set, you’ll find things made out of real shining stars. Like a blanket of sparkle in the night that stretches to infinity and beyond, you’ll get to experience tangible falling stars on this cool blue set. 

Customer Reviews

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Gabrielle Farrell (Chanhassen, US)
One of my faves!

This is by far one of my favorite packs. Each piece was perfect. Very well put together and art implemented nicely. I don't much care for the reusable sticker books but even that was absolutely stunning. I'll be finding a way to use it too! I wish more of the packs were like this!

Emaleigh McGowan (Duluth, US)