A Sticker Lover’s Dream

STICKII Club is a monthly sticker subscription with 3 styles to choose from. Enjoy endless varieties of stickers as unique as you are, plus member perks in our shop and early access to new releases.

All this for just $12/month plus shipping

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How STICKII Club Works

Introducing STICKII Club

Select a Style

Are you feeling Cute, Vintage, or Pop? Choose one, two or all three.

Get Excited

Spoilers give you a peek at upcoming goodies. You can even switch if you end up loving a different pack.

Get Creative

Packs are always curated around a theme. Tell a story using stickers in your planner, journals, and more.

Experience More

Receive stickers with matching stationery goodies and get inspired by amazing new artists in every pack.

Choose Your Style!




Cute Pack

Super charming

For those who know kawaii is a way of life. If you squeal over adorable characters, love soft and fluffy everything, and swoon over your favorite designs… Cute’s for you. Take a Peek Inside




Vintage Pack


Antique-inspired beauties for old souls. Like the yellowed pages of a book, these selections transport you to another place and time so you can reimagine the past and be in the present. Take a Peek Inside




Pop Pack


A little rebellious and a lot of fun. Pop indulges your cravings for the different and intangible. It’s all about the niche ways that art and the unpredictable collide. Take a Peek Inside

Just. Can’t. Wait.

Get a hint about upcoming December packs! Spoilers make everything more fun.

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Subscription FAQ

When will I get my first pack?

Packs are always mailed out on the 11th of the month. Due to Covid, they can take anywhere between 5 to 20 business days to arrive in the US, and 2 to 6 weeks internationally.

Can I switch the styles of my subscription pack?

You sure can! Catch a peek at our monthly spoilers on instagram or facebook, and if you like another style, we make it easy to switch… because we want you to get only what you absolutely love! Simply log in to manage your account and switch your selection before the next renewal (by 11:59pm EST on the 27th of the month). Please note, your new selection will replace your original selection and will continue until you switch back.

PLEASE NOTE: As the system creates your first month shipment as soon as you sign up for a NEW subscription, you cannot change any information or switch styles on the first shipment by yourself on the portal. Please contact us at hello@stickiiclub.com for assistance.

Do subscribers get additional perks?

Yes! STICKII Club members can use code STICKIIMEMBER5 to receive a 5% discount for any non subscription purchase in the shop.

If I subscribe to two or three packs each month, are shipping costs combined?

Packs are shipped as first class letters (where the postage is determined by weight), so the cost of combining two packs actually costs more to ship than shipping the two packs separately. In other words, a pack weighs what it weighs and putting them together in one envelope doesn’t make them weigh any less! Therefore, you’ll pay the same shipping per pack whether you order 1, 2, or 3 packs, but purchases of 3 will arrive in the same shipment.

Does the subscription come with tracking?

We ship sticker packs as first class letters, which keeps the shipping costs down for you! Unfortunately, there isn’t a tracking option available for first class letters. However, they’re always sent on the 11th of the month, though, so you know when happy mail is on its way!

When I sign up, will I get this month’s pack or next month’s pack?

It depends on when you sign up. Check the countdown clock on our home page to see the deadline for this month’s pack.

If you sign up BEFORE the deadline, you’ll get this month’s pack. Your subscription will then renew on the 28th of the month, which is the billing cycle for all subscribers.

If you sign up AFTER the deadline, you won’t receive this month’s pack, but you’ll get next month’s. 

How do monthly spoilers work?

We post monthly spoilers on instagram or facebook on the 22, 23, and 24th of the month. This means that you’ll see them before your renewal happens on the 28th. Don’t like the spoilers? Skip the month. Love the Vintage but are signed up for Cute? Switch to Vintage. Want to grab an extra pack? Go for it. Don’t have social media? We have you covered. We send all spoilers in an email on the 25th of every month, so you have plenty of time to finalize your packs by 11:59pm EST on the 27th of the month. 

Can I skip a month?

Yes, as long as it’s before 11:59pm EST on the 27th of the month. Log into your account, click ‘manage subscriptions’, select the subscription you want to skip and click ‘edit’ and then go to the ‘next renewal’ section and select ‘skip’.

Packs cannot be skipped after your account renews, so make sure to skip before 11:59pm EST on the 27th of the month! If you skip after the renewal, this month’s pack will already be in process, so the skip will apply to the next month’s shipment. 

Please note: NEW subscriptions cannot be skipped for the first shipment, if you need assistance please email us hello@stickiiclub.com

I saw the spoilers and love them. Now I’m regretting skipping a shipment. Can I unskip?

Of course you can! You can unskip a renewal as long as you do it before 11:59pm EST on the 27th of the month. To do so, log in, click ‘manage subscriptions’, then pick the subscription you want to skip, click ‘edit’ and then go to the ‘next renewal’ section and select ‘unskip’. If it’s after the renewal cutoff, please email us at hello@stickiiclub.com and we’ll manually charge your account for the pack.

Can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel at any time. Log into your account, click ‘manage subscriptions’ then pick the subscription you want to skip, click ‘edit’ and then go to the ‘next renewal’ section and select ‘cancel’.

If you cancel after your subscription has renewed on the 28th, you’ll still receive this month’s pack, but it won’t renew for any following months. If you cancel before renewal, you won’t receive an upcoming pack or be billed for any others.